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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1) How much does the CD cost?

A1) The CD costs $12 plus $3 shipping and handling (in Canadian funds), bringing the total to $15 (CND).

Q2) Is it worth it?

A2) Is quality music from a talented independent band worth it? It is if you want a unique and refreshing musical treat.

Q3) What CD am I buying, anyway?

A3) You're about to be the proud owner of The Unknown Poets' latest CD release. Recorded in crisp digital audio and mastered with some of the fanciest equipment this planet has ever seen, you are assured of the most unique listening experience your lucky little ears have ever laid their tympanic membranes on. After an intense round of recording sessions spanning several months (as well as the true millennium), "Poetic Licence: Revoked" was released in February of 2001.

Q4) What songs are on this CD?

Q5) OK, I've gotta have one of these. Where should I send my cheque to? . . . and who should I make it out to?

A5) Cheques should be sent to the following address:
9635-96 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T6C 3Z1
They should be made payable to "James Andrews"
(note: CDs will be shipped as soon as cheques are received)

Q6) What if I want to use my credit card?

A6) Online credit card ordering through this site will be soon available. In the meantime, you can give us your credit card number on the telephone by providing your telephone number in the form above. One of the Unknown Poets representatives will contact you to obtain your credit card number. Alternatively, you could place a collect call to one of the Unknown Poets representatives and give us your credit card number that way. Please indicate your preference in the comments box and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Q7) Will my email address ever be sold to anyone?
(a.k.a. Privacy Policy)

A7) No. You can rest assured that we will never use your email address or any of your personal details for profit. We will never sell your details (including your email address), give them out to a third party, nor place your details on mailing lists or email lists -- not even our own mailing lists. We take online privacy very seriously, and you can be sure we will respect your privacy and the privacy of your personal details with the highest regard.

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